Rumma & Ko

Rumma & Ko OÜ is a limited private share company (osaühing) under Estonian law, owned by Belgian software developer Luc Saffre and his wife Ly Rumma.

We are small, hygge and plan to remain so. Besides Luc and Ly we engage one full-time system administrator and maintain a world-wide network of independent Lino developers. See Our team.

We are the motor of the Lino community and help other software developers to make money using Lino. See The Synodalsoft project.

We help our customers to use Lino and TIM. We provide professional hosting of small Lino sites.

Our team is our capital. Our workers are talented, dedicated and diverse. Most of them live in countries where living costs less. We help them develop the economy of their home country.

We have been doing this since 2001 and can look back at 20 years of success.