Our philosophyΒΆ

Some of our choices

  • We want Lino to become a big community, but regarding ourselves we are a small organization and want to remain human size. We will rather multiply than become big.

  • We concentrate on a limited number of products for which we can ensure our competence.

  • We believe that writing good software is an art, and that software developers should work and get paid like artists.

  • We believe in Free software and refuse to use our spiritual work as private property.

Our strategy is to grow in a gentle, organic and sustainable way. We grow because Lino grows, not because we want to be big. Besides engaging people ourselves, we also provide free mentoring and encourage independent actors to learn Lino and use it to make their own money.

Our whole business model, including sales, development and maintenance is based on these choices. Lino solutions work best in the context of projects where

  • the need and usefulness of a database application is obvious

  • the stakeholders do not require detailed prognoses

  • motivated end-users want to improve the quality of their work

  • a local project manager serves as contact between end-users and developers