20 years of success

Our activity started in 2001 when Luc, after moving from Belgium to Estonia, realized that neither he nor the users of TIM want to stop using it.

The first years were marked by the switch from BEF to EUR for most of our customers. The euro was introduced in Belgium on January 1st 2002. During this period we also started using Python with the “TIM Tools”, a series of small programs used by TIM to generate PDF files or to print on a Windows printer.

Since 2009 we invest most of our energy into Lino.

In January 2011 the first real-world Lino application went into production in a Belgian Public Centre for Social Welfare (PCSW).

In September 2012 he registered the domain name lino-framework.org.

In March 2014 we started our second Lino production site.

In September 2015, Hamza discovered Lino and joined our team.

In January 2016 we started the Lino Voga project with Alexa who worked as a volunteer analyst almost full-time during eight months.

In December 2016 we started the Lino Avanti project.

In February 2017 Tonis started working for us as the second full-time developer.

In June 2018 Hamza started working full-time for us.

In June 2020 we sent Tonis and Hamza out into the world in order to share their know-how to other companies. They continue to help our team occasionally when needed. Read the details in Luc’s blog post Lino reaches a new level.

In October 2020 Hannes Liivat started working full-time as our system administrator.