The Synodalsoft project

We believe that the Lino framework has a future that goes beyond the career of a few developers. We are doing our best to help the Lino community becoming a big one, but we have no plans of becoming ourselves big.

We want Lino to be sustainably free: usable for everybody and forever. To ensure this at the legal level, we plan to donate the copyright on Lino to a non-profit organization. We didn’t yet do this because a non-profit organization causes more administrative work than our existing family-sized private company.

Meanwhile we work on expressing how this non-profit organization would look like, ideally.

The name of that non-profit organization won’t have “Lino” in its name because “Lino” is a registered trademark in some countries.

It might become Synodalsoft.

The word “synodal” comes from greek συν (together) ja ὁδός (journey). These two words seem to us the best way to describe our characteristic way of doing business.

  • Slow development: We deliberately follow an incremental, gentle and sustainable way towards our long-term vision for Lino.

See also Our vision.