Lino for all

We offer a selection of ready-to-use Lino applications as solutions for really small Lino sites with less than 10 users.

Lino is successfully being used since 2010 in medium-sized organizations (Self-hosted Lino sites). But also small organizations need flexible customizable database applications. Because customized software development is expensive, and because they have less resources, they often settle down with suboptimal mass products.

Invoicing Accounting

Lino Così – That’s how we love accounting

Offers | Products | Invoicing | Accounting | VAT declaration

40 €/user/month*

Calendar Invoicing Accounting

Lino Voga – Lino for training centres

Activities | Calendar | Enrolments | Invoicing | Accounting

45 €/user/month*

Calendar Invoicing Accounting

Lino Tera – Lino for therapy centres

Clients | Calendar | Invoicing | Accounting

45 €/user/month*

Calendar Reception Social service Handshake

Lino Welfare –
Lino for Social Welfare Centres

Clients | Calendar | Reception | Contracts | Aids | Courses

55 €/user/month*

Work time

Lino Noi – Lino for teams

Project management | Combined issue / work time tracking

40 €/user/month*

Family Calendar

Lino Amici – Lino for families

Contacts | Calendar

35 €/user/month*

* Price plus VAT per user per month with yearly invoicing. Adapted every year after the Belgian health price index (base January 2021). “Per user” means the number of simultaneous user sessions: you may have an unlimited number of site users, but only a given number of them can access the site at a same moment.

Tempting conditions for newcomers:

  • Free evaluation phase: we set up your individual evaluation site with your protected data for up to 3 months.

  • No obligation to buy: You can stop your evaluation phase at any moment and delete all your data.

  • Free support during the first month after contract start.

  • A sustainable price aiming long-lasting satisfaction for both partners.

Operating a stable Lino site has a low total cost of ownership because you need quasi no support once you are up and running. No forced upgrades. Every Lino site is customized for you. On the other hand Lino remains a powerful and flexible tool that grows with your needs.

As your Lino site grows and the number of users increases, you might reach a point where you want to care yourself about hosting it. We encourage this evolution and eventually invite you to grow into a self-hosting Lino site owner.