Hamza started full-timeΒΆ

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The great piece of news for June is that Hamza started working full-time for Lino.

My first plan was to let him become our responsible for testing and deployment and to give him #2347 (Make Lino installable using pip) or #463 (Measure test coverage for Lino and Lino Welfare). But a after reading Wir brauchen technikfeindliche Techniker! (07.05.2018 by Eberhard Wolff for heise.de), I changed that plan and decided to let him work on OpenUI5 together with Tonis. Tonis is still in parental leave until november. And that project is our most urgent project because it will bring very visible changes to the endusers. It deserves two brains.

We hope to have a first production site with OpenUI5 for the end of this year.

I also started a new job announcement: Jobs.