Lino Tera got active

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Finally. After long months of waiting for general questions to be settled, this month Lydia and I started to actively develop on Lino Tera. For the first time they saw their data from legacy system TIM as it looks in Lino.

Lydia and I had to get used to meet with shared screen using Skype or Hangouts. I am amazed about Lydias competence: she has no problem switching back and forth between two fundamentally different user interfaces, she has a feeling for finding bugs and reporting them accurately.

It is the typical workflow during this phase:

  1. We prepare the site and write a first prototype

  2. We invite the customer to a field visit, i.e. a meeting where we show what has been done, listen to the user’s reaction, discuss about what needs to be done for next time.

  3. We write a report of that visit, including a list of tasks to do.

  4. Our developers work on their tasks until they are ready for an upgrade.

  5. Restart from 2.