New website using Nikola

Sunday, November 22, 2015

This weekend I finally invested some time into a task which had been waiting since Lino Welfare meeting in Eupen: make the Rumma & Ko website multilingual, and add information in French about our pricing policy.

In a first step I converted the existing Sphinx site to multilingual. Took me 45 minutes. Then I said to myself “Wait… isn’t there some more modern way to create cool commercial-style web sites using reStructuredText?” Google helped me to find Nikola.

Nikola has no chance against Sphinx for writing technical documentation about a Python package. But for writing a “normal” website, the big advantage of Nikola against Sphinx is that I have a cool responsive website with a blog, RSS feed and a built-in concept for multilingual content with no effort. Congratulations!

One big problem in Nikola is that your website gets “flat”: you have no possibility to hierarchize your pages. You just have “posts” (news) and “stories” (pages). It is their ticket #765.