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About us

Rumma and Ko is a limited private share company (osaühing) under Estonian law. National registry number 10501849

We do development, maintenance and end-user support of free customized database applications since 2001. Since 2009 we invest most of our energy into Lino, a framework which combines the powers of Django with those of ExtJS.

You want to contact us if

  • you need a database application and can’t find any satisfying stock solution
  • you don’t expect a finished product and want to help with analysis and testing
  • you want a stable and long-term solution
  • you want to remain the master of your data even if our collaboration comes to an end
  • you want the software created by our common efforts to be shared with others as open source software under a free license.

We are small and will remain so. During the first decade we satisfied our customers with only one full-time developer. But our customers had more projects than a single person can deliver. Since 2015 we employ a freelance assistant in Douz (Tunisia) to help Luc with his job with Lino. Since 2017 we employ a full-time developer in Tallinn (Estonia). See also Our team.

We believe that Lino and our business model have a future that goes beyond the career of a few developers. Our strategy is to follow a gentle and sustainable way, helping Lino to grow into a community project. See also Our philosophy.