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Project manager

We are patiently looking for the person who is going to start the Lino Software Foundation.

The basic idea of this project is developed below in a few steps:

  • We believe that software must be free. A free human civilization is incompatible with proprietary software.
  • While the free world has an operating system and an office suite, there is no serious free solution for organizations who want to invest in free database applications. The market of customized database applications is currently dominated by a few proprietary giants.
  • The Lino framework has the potential of becoming such a solution. Lino is a sign of hope for those who believe that software must be free.
  • This potential is currently merely visible to investors and stakeholders. There is much work to do. Even professional developers can get scared when they realize how much there is to do.
  • Rumma & Ko wants to remain a family-sized dynamic team of creative developers. We don’t have sufficient human resources for bringing Lino to the next level.
  • Even if we would decide to become big ourselves, this wouldn’t be a solution. The role of bringing Lino to the next level must be played by an organization that does not have any private interest. A private corporation with limited responsibility is not a valid candidate for this job.
  • That’s why Lino needs a foundation or some similar legal person, inspired by the PSF or the DSF.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you agree with our ideas and feel that you can help Lino to become big.