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Rumma & Ko does development, maintenance and end-user support of free customized database applications since 2001. Since 2009 we are investing most of our energy into Lino, a framework that combines the powers of Django with those of ExtJS. We are currently the motor of the Lino community.

We have around 20 satisfied customers being handled by only three core developers. Our team is doing a great job with Lino, but our customers have more projects than we can deliver. That’s why we believe that Lino and our business model have a future that goes beyond the career of a few developers.

Our mission is to provide professional competence in helping our customers to use Lino and other free software. Our strategy is to follow a gentle, organic and sustainable way of growing. We grow because Lino grows, not because we want to be big. Besides engaging people ourselves, we also provide free mentoring and encourage independent actors to learn Lino and use it to make their own money.

Here is a list of people we clearly need. Priority candidates are those who have proven their skills by voluntary contributions.