Looking back at the "Tanel" project

Rumma & Ko is sad to announce that we stopped our employment contract with Tanel. He was employed at Rumma & Ko from January to April 2017. Only four months. We had been hoping for a much longer period.

The idea of engaging Tanel had been very intuitive. His immediate advantage was that he lives in the same village as I do. After my first meeting with him I felt "Yes, I want this guy as my local assistent". I had no clear idea about what he was concretely going to do, but we were both confident that he would find himself his place in the Lino project. He is a talented and intelligent young man with a wide view at this world.

After a few experimental weeks we found the Vilma project to be ideal for him. This project is probably a great idea, and we will maybe continue to work on this project together. But we also realized that it would not be easy to make money with that project.

Thanks to Tanel I realized that Lino is not yet interesting enough for stakeholders who think big. Hamza, Tonis and I believe in Lino because we are developers and see its inner beauty. Many Lino users believe in Lino because they are using it every day and they feel that database design is more important than web design for their work. But deciders look at software from the outside and judge it by the user interface and the documentation. Actually Lino does need somebody like Tanel who helps us with managing and promoting the Lino project. But for the moment that guy obviously needs to live in Belgium and speak both German and French.

I also learned that the Estonian market is not yet interesting for Lino. There is more than enough work for us with our Belgian customers, we simply have no human resources for starting promotional low-budget projects in Estonia.

As a summary we are grateful for these four months of enriching relationship with Tanel who will continue to support the Lino project as a volunteer. He is a guy who thinks big. I can recommend him as a product manager of a medium-sized company or organization. And maybe he will even return back to our team as Lino gets bigger.