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Lino Marketing Assistant

Until now we never needed to sell Lino because it was being used in small organisations where trust works on human level. But more and more medium-sized organisations want to use Lino. Having bigger customers requires additional work for marketing, promotion and sales. Lino needs somebody who does that job.


  • You understand what's so cool about Lino, you know its features and limits.
  • You have experience with managing information systems and database applications.
  • You understand why software must be free.
  • You love explaining to others why they should choose your product.
  • You feel well with writing PR texts.

Your duties

  • review the website, write content where necessary
  • help us with deciding what's important
  • describe workflow processes and requirements for our development team
  • write regular newsletters about Lino and free software
  • talk with customers and partners

Contact Info: