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Lino solutions

We develop database applications for our customers based on the Lino framework. Lino features a wide range of highly customizable and integrated plugins for

  • contacts management
  • standard office functionality (calendar, uploads, notes, reports)
  • reception and waiting room management
  • households and family members
  • skills, job search assistance, career and curriculum
  • client coaching for social workers or therapists
  • invoicing (automatically generate invoices)
  • accounting (general ledger, bank statements, payment orders, VAT declarations)
  • courses and events management
  • ticket management, time tracking

Our portfolio of applications ready for production includes

  • Lino Welfare Facilite le travail des travailleurs sociaux dans les CPAS belges
  • Lino Così -- accounting made simple
  • Lino Noi -- A ticketing and time tracking system to use when time is more than money.
  • Lino Tera -- a management system for therapeutic centres
  • Lino Voga Das Verwaltung­sprogramm für die Erwachsenenbildungsorganisationen der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft
  • Lino Care -- Eine Datenbank zur Hilfevermittlung zwischen Menschen
  • Lino Vilma -- helps rural villages for managing their public projects and relationships.

See the full list of Lino applications maintained by our team