Lino UI Developer


  • You are familiar with Python and Django

  • You are also familiar with ExtJS or some other Javascript framework

  • You have seen the Lino online demos and noticed that they are still using ExtJS 3.

  • You have worked your way through the Getting started section of the Lino Developer's Guide and got your local Lino project up and running.

  • You have forked the Lino code repository on GitHub and submitted some pull requests.

  • Your job will be to write a new package, similar to the existing :mod:`lino.modlib.extjs` package, which uses ExtJS 5 or some other Javascript framework.

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General requirements

  • You are able to work independently.
  • You are able to coordinate your work with others.
  • You dare to ask for help when you get stuck.


  • You work using your own equipment, at home or at any place with a computer and an internet connection.
  • You have at least weekly contact with other team members by email, chat or phone to discuss about what's up.
  • You will use our ticketing system to report what you have been doing.
  • You work as independent freelancer and are able to send us invoices.

Contact Info: