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Senior Python Developer

We are looking for a full-time Python developer who will help us growing Lino from a one-man project to a reliable and well-documented framework maintained by a distributed team of developers.

Work description

  • You work at home using your own hardware.
  • You don't have any direct customer contact.
  • You learn independently and ask for help when needed.

Your responsibilities

  • You communicate with the other team members on Slack, Hangouts or other platforms.
  • You monitor and triage the tickets in our issue tracking system.
  • You manage the developer team, help the other members to pick a task that suits them.
  • You respond to questions of other team members within hours on workdays.
  • You monitor the build reports on Travis and fix issues.
  • You review pull requests and commits of contributors and ensure their quality.
  • You add new test cases to increase coverage.
  • You know and understand every part of Lino.
  • You constantly review the Lino book and make changes where needed.


  • You have contributed to other open-source projects.
  • You are able to publish your source code on a public code repository like GitHub
  • You are familiar with Python Django and the Debian operating system.
  • You have seen the Lino source code and were not completely lost.
  • You have seen our projects on Travis and can comment some of the failures.
  • You have inspected the Lino online demos and see what they can do and what they can't.
  • You have read at least the first sections of the Lino Developer's Guide and can imagine the work of a Lino application developer.

Bonus conditions

  • You have been following Luc's developer blog for some time.
  • You have ideas on how to make Lino better and submitted some pull requests.
  • You wrote or started to write your own Lino application.

General requirements

  • You are motivated and able to work independently.
  • You are able to coordinate your work with others.
  • You dare to ask for help when you get stuck.


  • You work using your own equipment, at home or at any place with a computer and an internet connection.
  • You have at least weekly contact with other team members by email, chat or phone to discuss about what's up.
  • You will use our ticketing system to report what you have been doing.

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