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Lino Marketing Assistant

Until now we never needed to sell Lino because it was being used in small organisations where trust works on human level. But more and more medium-sized organisations want to use Lino. Having bigger customers requires additional work for customer care, marketing, promotion and sales. Lino needs somebody who does that job.


  • You have experience with information systems and database applications.
  • You understand how free software differs from proprietary software.
  • You love sharing your knowledge with others.
  • You live in Belgium.
  • You speak and write (besides English) either German or French. Both together are a bonus.

Your job

  • You understand why Lino is so cool, you know its features and limits.
  • You talk about Lino with our customers and partners in order to become their first and preferred contact for everything that doesn't need direct communication with a developer.
  • You help us writing and maintaining our sales offers, partner agreements, privacy statements, our website and other documents.
  • You help us managing a growing community of volunteer contributors.
  • You write projects and and collaborate with public instanceas in Belgium.

General requirements

  • You are motivated and able to work independently.
  • You are able to coordinate your work with others.
  • You dare to ask for help when you get stuck.


  • You work using your own equipment, at home or at any place with a computer and an internet connection.
  • You have at least weekly contact with other team members by email, chat or phone to discuss about what's up.
  • You will use our ticketing system to report what you have been doing.

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