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Rückschau 2018 und Ausblick 2019

Liebe Freunde und Benutzer von TIM und Lino,

Tonis, Hamza und ich wünschen Ihnen ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2019 und danken für Ihr Vertrauen in unser gemeinsames Projekt.

Vorige Woche traf sich unser dreiköpfiges Entwicklerteam erstmals zu einem Gruppenfoto, das die passionierte estnische Fotografin Siiri Kumari für uns geschossen hat.


Loe veel…

lino-framework.org is down

The lino-framework.org server was down today between 9:00 and 16:00 UTC. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Danke für 2017

Liebe Benutzer von TIM und Lino, wieder einmal neigt sich ein Jahr seinem Ende zu, und wieder einmal darf ich dankbar zurückblicken auf ein erfolgreiches Geschäftsjahr. Ohne Sie als treue Kunden wäre dieser Erfolg nicht möglich. Ich danke Ihnen für das Vertrauen, das Sie unserer langsam wachsenden Mannschaft entgegenbringen.

Loe veel…

Lino Voga goes to sleep

Our Lino Voga pilot customer announced that they have to stop helping us with the development because they don't have enough personnel for testing and analyzing. What a pity!

Loe veel…

Lino Tera got active

Finally. After long months of waiting for general questions to be settled, this month Lydia and I started to actively develop on Lino Tera. For the first time they saw their data from legacy system TIM as it looks in Lino.

Loe veel…

Tanel left Rumma & Ko

Rumma & Ko is sad to announce that we stopped our employment contract with Tanel. He was employed at Rumma & Ko from January to April 2017, only four months. We had been hoping for a much longer period.

Tanel had been working mostly on the Vilma project. We plan to continue on this great project together, but we also realized that this is rather social research than making money.

Loe veel…

AbAKUS als Lino Hosting provider

Nachdem ich zwei Monate lang mit dem Gedanken gelebt habe, Lino-Hosting selber anzubieten, gibt es jetzt die erfreuliche Neuigkeit, dass AbAKUS das Hosting doch anbieten werden. AbAKUS sind somit der erste Lino Hosting Provider, der auch aktiv mitmacht.

Für Lino ist das wachstumsfördernd, für mich eine Belastung weniger, und für die Endbenutzer eine Sicherheit mehr, weil sie das Hosting dadurch nicht einem Anfänger anzuvertrauen brauchen.

Knackpunkt für Abakus war die Tatsache, dass jedes gehostete Produkt ja doch auch ein Minimum an Know-How verlangt. Das haben sie jetzt, und ich kann das bestätigen.

February 2017

Here is Luc's status report after three weeks with three employees working on Lino.

Tonis is learning quickly. Of course understanding Lino is a lot of work, but already he brings his own ideas into Lino. For the moment he is working on the comments module. Also he has more experience than I with Git branches, so it is he who gives me hands-on training. We are working on the CI workflow and try to improve the testing. Let's hope that Lino will soon be stable enough so that getting started is a painless experience for more future Lino hosters and application developers.

Tanel is currently working for the Vilma project. The idea is to use our home village as a prototype user for a new variant of Lino Care. This work is more sociologic and administrative than technical: how should it work, how do people react to it and who is going to pay for it. Let's hope that this project will become a beautiful success story about how Free Software makes this world better.

Luc's work is getting more diverse. Besides programming he now must meet with Tonis and Tanel and tell them what he expects them to do. And before telling them he must find it out himself. With Hamza this was much less of a problem because he is a freelancer. With this increased workload Luc is definitively not getting enough sleep. Lino cannot yet help with measuring sleeping time, but Luc estimates that he is currently running with 4 hours of sleep per day. That's clearly not enough. Let's hope that this period doesn't last longer than his body is able to bear up. Beyond all that he has more and more the feeling that it was the right decision to engage Tanel and Tonis.