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Vigala Code Camps

Vigala Code Camps are a series of Python programming camps taking place in Vigala as part of the Europe Code Week initiative.

The one to five days lasting camps feature a unique location in a small Estonian village between forests and bogs. Participants are suggested a maximum of six computer hours per day. The remaining programme consists in social and touristic activities.

We offer camps for both experienced and aspiring programmers. Beginners will learn the Python programming language from scratch. Experienced developers will learn how to use the Lino framework. Participants need their own desktop computer. We will be working in a mixture of short lessons and pair programming sessions.

Main speakers at the camps are Tonis and Luc, both experienced Python programmers. We invite and welcome assistants and other speakers to help us increase diversity.

Vigala Code Camps are organized by Rumma & Ko OÜ because we believe that sharing our expert knowledge at low cost will help the Lino community to grow and our society to become more free.

Contact us as soon as you consider participating. Exact agenda and conditions are worked out with the participants.